Holistic Therapist in Westchester County

Emily Schneider is a highly trained licensed marriage and family therapist with many years of experience in the field of marriage counseling and family therapy. Emily earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Hunter College of the City University of New York. She also has a Master of Arts in clinical psychology from Pepperdine University in California. Her studies focused on Marriage and Family Therapy. Since then, she has helped many clients and couples achieve self-actualization. Emily understands that human beings are social beings and need closeness and happy relationships with others. In her work, she practices in a holistic way by incorporating several techniques including mindfulness and mediation, nutritional healing, and movement. She believes that we already have all the tools we need for fulfillment and purpose, we just need to be able to tap into it.

Becoming Connected

There are so many distractions in our world that shift focus away from our truth and purpose. It’s easy to get caught up in negative feedback loops induced by technology, work stress, and anxieties that create or advance disconnect from ourselves and loved ones. Using a combination of traditional talk therapy and holistic, integrative practices is the solution to becoming reconnected with yourself and therefore the people in your life. This leads to a more fulfilling relationship with yourself and the people you love.

Resolving Marriage Differences

Sometimes, married couples and families find themselves struggling. This may be because of temporary tensions in the marriage such as illness or job loss. A family may also have problems of longer duration that need to work out such as infertility, debt, and issues with relations that are less than ideal with other family members like their in-laws. Over time, such issues may cause even greater problems and make it hard for family members to fully communicate effectively. A couple may even become estranged and find themselves contemplating the breakup of the relationship or a divorce that neither party really wants.

Tensions in a marriage can cause strain. This is why many couples find it helpful to turn to a marriage counselor such as Emily Schneider for help. A trained marriage counselor can provide couples the means they need to work out their differences and rekindle their romance. Marriage counselors also help couples find a better way of resolving their ongoing disputes.



Emily Schneider, LMFT
License Number: 001103