As a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, I have been trained in a systemic approach to therapy. This means that I try to look at the entire system that is contributing to conflict or challenges within a family or even with an individual. I aim to understand the full picture so that I can better help my clients address the issue as a whole, rather than just specific symptoms. 

It’s Not Just About Finding Happiness 

My goal in working with my clients isn’t just to “find happiness.” I work with my clients to find meaning and peace in their lives. I view therapy the way many look at physical exercise or going to the dentist or doctor for their annual visits. Therapy is sometimes a place to go when there is a specific problem, but mostly I believe it’s important to always be managing your mental and emotional health in the same way we take care of our physical bodies. 

Congratulations on making your first steps towards healing & growth.

Everyone Can Benefit from Therapy

Sometimes a partner, child, or other family member is not willing to engage in the therapeutic process. In this case, individual therapy can still be a great option for someone to process their feelings that their loved one is not willing to participate. Individual therapy is also a good place to learn tools to navigate challenging relationships. Then, you can feel confident in your own decisions within the relationship. 

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