Westchester County Marriage and Family Therapy

No one wants to think that their problems have reached the level that requires therapy. The fact is there is not a certain “level” of dysfunction to qualify. If there is a problem in a relationship it can be made stronger with the help of a professional. No matter the size or scope of the issue.

There is No Happily Ever After, and That’s Okay

Couples therapy is more common than most people think. No one reads about family therapy and marriage counseling when they read fairy tales. We are all told they live happily ever after. After the credits roll and we wonder why our life is not so pure and sweet. Why do some families have problems when others seem not to? The fact is that behind the scenes of any fairytale, behind the closed door of any “perfect” marriage are people who are real and often struggling with various problems. No there is no happily ever after. There are couples who have found a way to love each other and stay together through ups and downs. The secret is great communication. The tool is family therapy with a professional who can help open those lines of communication for real growth and problem-solving.

Most people do not find any issue with going to the doctor when they have a physical problem After all the doctor knows all about the human body and can prescribe the exact medicine or regiment to recovery. The same applies for problems in relationships, addiction, or depression. A qualified therapist can help a patient work through their problems because they have experience and training when it comes to these uniquely human issues.

People From All Walks of Life Can Benefit from Family Therapy

If you cannot get your spouse to cooperate, individual therapy can help you work through issues and offer coping skills for whatever issue you may be facing. Addiction treatment as a family in family therapy can help a family grow stronger after a bad spell after all addiction rarely hurts only one person. Looking at the broader picture is key to whole family healing. Depression, like addiction, rarely hurts only one person. Depression treatment can be done as individual or family therapy or a combination of both. In family therapy, everyone involved developing coping skills to get through the next bout.

There are many benefits of family therapy and most families come out of sessions stronger due to the coping and communication skills developed with professionals. Contact Emily today to begin a path to peace.