988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline. Information & Chat: Dial or Text: 988

If you are feeling at risk of suicide or are in crisis, please call or text 988. 988 is a new three-digit dialing code that will direct you to a trained counselor who can help you 24/7. They will listen, understand, and provide you with resources if necessary.

Psychology Today is a great resource that can provide you with informative articles related to psychology and therapy. They also have several self-tests that may provide you with some insight into what your specific needs for therapy may be. Additionally, you can use Psychology Today listings to find adjunctive providers such as psychiatrists.

Couples and individuals often benefit from taking the 5 Love Languages quiz. This quiz can give you and your partner better insight into how you give and receive love. This can help couples gain an understanding of what they need more of to experiences love from their partners as well as how they need to show their love to their partner. 

Emily Schneider is available to provide the very best therapy for those who need it. Sometimes one-on-one is the best option available. Other times, the situation involves an entire family, or at the very least, a couple. Emily has the educational background to work with all who might require it. For anyone in need of more information, they need to reach out and contact Emily Schneider’s office.

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