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Partners seek out couples therapy at all stages of the relationship. It’s important to know that couples therapy isn’t only for married or engaged couples. There are several reasons that a couple may benefit from couples therapy. 

Some common scenarios couples seek help through therapy:

  • Communication and/or Conflict Resolution
  • Difficulty with Trust
  • Codependent tendencies 
  • Addiction
  • Infidelity 
  • Sex and Intimacy Issues
  • Parenting differences 
  • Attachment Style differences
  • Societal/Cultural influences 
  • Feeling disconnected 
  • And so much more

Couples therapy takes teamwork. As a couples therapist, I aim to take a collaborative approach to help problem solve with you and deepen the connection and intimacy you have with your partner. 

What To Expect In Couples Therapy

It is extremely important to me when engaging in couples therapy that both partners feel safe, heard, and understood. Each partners feelings and experiences are valid and need to be heard. I hope to provide an environment where healthy communication can happen so each person feels safe to share anything they are holding onto or are afraid to share. 

Typically, I meet with the couple together for our first session. For the following two sessions I will meet with each partner individually to gain a deeper understanding of their own personal experiences and then we can all come back together going forward.

Congratulations on making your first steps towards healing & growth.

Finding Couples Therapy That Works

Choosing the right couples therapist for marital therapy requires careful consideration. You will your therapist with some of the most sensitive and personal details in your life.

As your on this new journey, my counseling techniques and experience can help you understand how couples therapy is going to work for you. This means reclaiming your life and realizing your vision for your relationship.

  • Uncover negative communication or harmful behaviors that are preventing you from having a healthy, loving relationship
  • Avoid blaming each other for relationship issues while finding healthy ways to work through issues
  • Recognize the causes of relationship roadblocks and the effects these causes create
  • Enhance the quality and depth of couple communication
  • Heal old wounds and foster stronger bonds
  • Cut through the stresses of day-to-day life in a judgment-free couples environment
  • Strengthen the love and affection within your relationship

No matter what your couple counseling needs might be, you have a teammate the moment you step into my office. Restore your relationship by scheduling a couples therapy appointment today.

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