I recently read a Forbes article called “11 Intriguing Reasons to Give Talk Therapy a Try.” I found the article to be very interesting and informative about the benefits of talk-therapy. It first addressed a common misconception that only “crazy” people go to therapy. However, it’s actually the people who seek out therapy that tend to be more stable. If someone is able to identify that they are struggling, they are in a better position to fix it. In fact, when people repress their negative feelings, they typically end up with a variety of issues both physical and emotional, depression being the prime example.

The following are the 11 reasons the article listed:

1. Therapy’s effects persist over the long-haul.

2. Physical symptoms get treated, too.

3. Repressed emotions will come back to haunt you later on.

4. And the passive-aggressive shtick will fade away.

5. It will give you a while new perspective on other people, too.

6. It helps you deal with future curve balls.

7. Talking about things give them shape.

8. You know you’re not alone.

9. It will rewire your brain.

10. You won’t have to self-medicate anymore.

11. It enables you to teach the next generation a better way.


To summarize, I feel that the article’s goal was to educate people on what therapy can offer. If people are motivated and engaged in the therapy process, it will be an experience that will be with them for the rest of their lives. Talk-therapy has the ability to help people cope with their past, and in turn, will help them deal with challenges in the future. It becomes easier to cope with the hiccups in life when internal work has been done to help alleviate the emotional pain. The use of talk-therapy to gain self-awareness can help people in their relationships with themselves and with the important people in their lives.

For more details about each of the reasons listed above, click HERE.